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“One man's food is another man's poison.” 
- Lucretius

Ever wondered if you’re drinking too much coffee? How to make your workout more effective? If your vitamin D intake is enough to optimize your fertility? 


That’s why as part of our mission to provide you with the utmost care, we’re now offering Nutrigenomix genetic testing. 

You have 46 chromosomes: 23 from your mother and 23 from your father. And while your DNA sequence never changes, there are ways you can turn on – and off – certain genes through lifestyle changes to improve your health and mitigate your risk of developing chronic diseases. 

With one simple saliva sample, you’ll learn how your genes can affect your:

Body composition

Cardio-metabolic health

Nutrient metabolism and requirements


Food intolerances

Eating habits

Exercise performance

Mental focus

Pain tolerance

Physical activity

Injury risk


Weight management

Then, we’ll work with you to develop a personalized diet, vitamin and supplement regimen, and physical activity recommendations.

So, forget one-size-fits-all nutrition guidance and use your DNA to your advantage!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you take my DNA sample?

It’s easy: you come into the pharmacy, and we administer a safe, non-invasive cheek swab.

Is it secure?

Your information is protected! Your personal demographic information will be stored in Fricks’ HIPAA-secure database, and the lab will only receive the sample attached to an anonymized barcode. Your sample is also protected by the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act. The link between the two entities is password encrypted using 256-bit encryption.

How long does it take to get my results?

Once the laboratory receives your DNA sample from Fricks Pharmacy, it should take approximately 2 weeks. We will contact you once we receive the results and schedule a time to discuss them with you.

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