Services - Fricks Pharmacy | Milton, FL




Free Delivery

We deliver medications to the residents of our community and offer a quick and convenient drive-thru service at our pharmacy location.

Free Medication Synchronization

Tired of multiple refill dates? We can align all of your prescriptions to refill on the same day each month.

Free Blood Pressure Screening

Drop-in anytime to have your blood pressure checked at no charge.

Free Medication Therapy Management

We personally take time to do a clinical evaluation of all of your medications, explaining how your medications work together and how we can help you accomplish your health goals. MTMs can also help us identify why you may be having side effects and find cost savings.

Compliance Packaging

Do you have trouble remembering when and if you took your medications? We have organizational packaging that makes it easy to remember when and how to take your medications. This packaging is ideal for those with multiple medications and those who are in assisted living or nursing homes.


We have a private room for our pharmacists to administer vaccinations (for patients 18 years and older), including those for flu (seasonal availability), pneumonia, and shingles.

Pet Meds

Have pets on medications? We can fill their prescriptions for you, too!

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